Directory of realized artworks:

YEARS, 2014
A collection of photographs in bookform. The photographs in the book are taken in the years after I gave up trying to express myself through photographic imagery.
ISBN: 9781320128520

Monument, 2014
An installation and sculpture in my studio space. Sculpture made from dead wood, chipped with inherited tools. A monument was raised using two pieces of wood held together with tensioning straps.

Untitled, 2014
Black monochrome painting (120 cm x 120 cm) painted with magnetic, interior paint. Several coats of paint is applied to make sure the painting is strong enough to set a compass off course.

Untitled, 2013
Filled an ordinary glass bottle with plaster and mixed in water. During the exhibition period, the plaster expands and eventually breaks the bottle.

40 working hours, 2013
Within the limitations of an ordinary work week, I attempted to saw through a rock with a junior hacksaw. With reference to geological time and how erosive processes impact the landscape, this performative sculpture is an exploration of work in the context of personal time. 40 working hours is an attempt to legitimate and view the work process as meaningful activity in itself.

4 months, 2013
The six bags of cement was the surplus of a construction project. They were left behind, and for a period of four months it was naturally hardened by rain water and snow (October 2012 - January 2013).

A Fake Rock, 2013
A fake rock is ordered from a company in the United States and delivered to the exhibition space. The package is to be kept sealed throughout the exhibition period.